>>>>>> Once again Tierra Records welcomes a new member to its family. Tierra Records is honored to introduce to you singer/songwriter Eliana Marcia

Coming from Sao Paulo, Brasil her music can be described as "music without borders". Her beautiful blend of musical genres combines the sounds of West-Africa, Brazil and the USA. In her colorful music, Eliana Marcia often sings of magical places, ancestral spirits and the struggle of a people all in her beautifully poetic native tongue. When ask what her music sounds like she simply replies : "Aqua (Water), Terra ( Earth), Fogo (Fire), Ar (air) e meus sentidos (and my senses)". 
Her quest to shatter cultural barriers is also reflected in her band which consists of musicians from Brazil, USA, Germany, Venezuela and Puerto Rico. 

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>>> We are excited to announce the signing of Shenole Latimer to our roster. Shenole Latimer is one of the few young saxophonists in today's world of music that truly have their own and unique sound. He comes with a fresh and in your face style that transforms even old standards into a new listening experience. His warm and charming, always smiling appearance warms the hearts and souls of any audience just as much as his playing brings smiles and joy. click here for details


>>> do believe the hype!:

Tierra Records welcomes giovanni von essen to their family. born in brooklyn n.y., giovanni von essen is truly a class act. her wonderful blend of jazz, r&b, neo-soul, funk and spirituals is a refreshing sound that definitely stands out in today's music scene. her voice carries the richness of ancient ancestors, her skills and talents raise the bar and gives her contemporaries a run for their money. click here for details


>>> new release:

harijan, robert sack - Tierra Records 2003, TR0203, GEMA 2003

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